March 4, 2012

Adelaide, Psychic TV, 11 Years of happiness.

So exactly one year ago, I posted about my 10th wedding anniversary with Shaun, and about going to New Zealand and seeing an awesome rainbow, and getting to see High on Fire play live. So if you swap out New Zealand with Adelaide, and High on Fire with Psychic TV, this post about our 11th anniversary pretty much writes itself. Here we are soaking wet and wearing plastic ponchos that we were all given for free (half an hour too late) because it rained and there wasn’t any shelter at the outdoor venue:


A bunch of our dearest friends/freaks rocked up not long after we did, which was just of the nicest things about Adelaide is knowing that you’ll see people you know just about everywhere. We felt the ponchos contributed to the cult-like atmosphere that was only too appropriate for a Psychic TV show, and it made for a bit of fun.

ptv2 ptv3

Then came the rainbow….it was far more impressive than I managed to capture with my camera.

Psychic TV finally made it on stage once the rain eased off, and were actually better than I thought they might be. Shaun is the true fan in our household anyway, but neither of us were sure what to expect…it didn’t matter to us if the show was good or not anyway, because frontman/woman Genesis Breyer P-Orridge has been such an important and influential figure in art and music for so many years that it was an honour to simply see the man and pay him some respect.  For Shaun, it was a 20-year dream come true.


As it turns out, we were treated to a full set of new material, all of which was amazing Pink Floydy type stuff with Juno synthesizer, flute and killer guitar solos, interjected with Can and Hawkwind covers. There were visuals behind them as well, many of which featured pictures of his late wife Lady Jaye, who Genesis talked about a number of times between songs and to whom most of the new material seems to be dedicated.  At one particularly touching moment towards the end of a song that was clearly about her, it started raining again lightly and Gen commented that she must be crying for him, right before busting out a cover of Mother Sky by Can. Shaun and I have tickets to see The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye tomorrow night, followed by a Q&A with Gen, which I’m expecting to be both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Altogether it was a pretty special weekend…happy anniversary to the best man I know.


Sue said...

Happy anniversary to the two best people I know!
Cheers, S

Amy Duncan said...

aw, thanks sue!

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